Id be the most fuckin gorgeous girl alive (beachcuttie388) wrote in urmomluvsthe80s,
Id be the most fuckin gorgeous girl alive


x Name: Melissa
x Age: 15
x Location: Treasure Island
x 3 favorite bands of the 80s: Madonna, Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffet
x 3 favorite T.V shows of the 80s: Scooby doo, Flinstones-Jetsons, full house and saved by the bell ( I know thats more then 3 but I got excited)
x 3 favorite toys of the 80s: Skip-it, My little pony (I still have all of mine), Teddy Ruxpin ( I had that bear until it practily fell apart, even after the tape player stoped working)
x 3 favorite movies of the 80s:GOONIES!! (I swear I knew every word), Beetle Juice, Dirty Dancing (omg)
x Who is your ultimate 80s idle?: Modonna, She's been cool, sexy and everyones interest for decades, who else can pull that off?
x Whats your favorite 80s song: "Open your heart" by Modonna
x Interests/hobbies: I LOVE writting, its my passion, Surfing is fun, Reading, Dancing, Singing, Going to the beach, and the movies (mm theater popcorn)
x How would you describe yourself? Im shy to people who dont really know me, but Im Loud and crazy to the people who do.
x What is your best quality? My sense of humor, I laugh a lot, and I like to see other people laugh too. Ive always been so hyper, I used to get in trouble all the time when I was little, but it's so fun!
(Now it's time to post my pictures)

You know what "Sike" means.


You remember how to play four square and if you sucked at it you played with your Skip-It.

You played pencil break or thumps and actually got into it seriously


You remember M.C. Hammer. (Can't Touch This)


The main food groups in your lunch box were String Cheese and YooHoos

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