youre just jealous cause were young and in love. (pleasure_geisha) wrote in urmomluvsthe80s,
youre just jealous cause were young and in love.

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x Name: bianca
x Age: 16....almost 17
x Location: miami
x 3 favorite bands of the 80s: berlin, guns n' roses, go-gos
x 3 favorite T.V shows of the 80s: the golden girls, rainbow brite, three's company
x 3 favorite toys of the 80s: rubix cube, cabbage patch kids, easy bake oven.
x 3 favorite movies of the 80s: weird science, breakfast club, fast times at ridgemont high
x Who is your ultimate 80s idle?: terri nunn <3
x Whats your favorite 80s song: like flames- berlin
x Interests/hobbies: lacrosse, swimming, water polo
x How would you describe yourself? unique and confident
x What is your best quality? my sense of humor
(Now its time to post your pictures)
lol ok i know i look like a fish here..haha but it was a funnny night..
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i think youre adorable and come on eileen rocks my socks. you had a great app and i love the red earrings, good luck!
ps- i saw the comment u left on my comment to that one persons journal...i didnt do my own layout cos im dumb and dont know how to do stuff on my own lol but if you want, i can talk to the girl that did it and see if she can help you out! <33
yippie! lol Ü
well this chick is supposed to do mine for me tonight, so if she does it then yay..i get a pretty layout..woop! hah but thanx for asking <3 and i think your just sooo cute, and you do look like a hippie, but in a good way of

take care