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x Name:Kim
x Age:almost 18
x Location:Ohio
x 3 favorite bands of the 80s: blondie,billy idol, madonna, i cant really remember what all i listened to back then since i was like 3
x 3 favorite T.V shows of the 80s: sesime street(i forget how to spell it), strawberry shortcake, and peewee herman
x 3 favorite toys of the 80s: polly pockets, barbies, teenage muntant ninja turtles
x 3 favorite movies of the 80s: breakfast club, pretty in pink, 16 candles
x Who is your ultimate 80s idle?: punky brewster
x Whats your favorite 80s song: dont u forget about me
x Interests/hobbies: drawing, writing, rollerblading, skateboarding, reading, watching movies, listening to music, making clothes and earrings
x How would you describe yourself? different, funny, hyper, interesting
x What is your best quality?my uniqueness
(Now its time to post your pictures)

close up

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normally i love people from Ohio because that's where my love lives... but i would have to say no. plus you only posted one band... you need 3, hun.

but you know who you kinda look like... Courtney Love. no offense if you hate her. shes hott though.
ya, i fixed my app, im told i look like courtney love all the time, she rocks
even tho u didnt put 3 bands. i still liked the rest of your app, and your a cutie. weak yes
+ polly pockets
+ your fav song
+ your intrests (writing whoo hoo)
- You didn't have all your bands, why dont you post more, maybe it will win you the vote of others

Im gonna say yes. We need members. we cant be TOO picky until we have like 8 people lol.
Ps. I like the first pic
thnx sorry about the bands, i filled that out late at night ill fix it
am i ever going to get accepted or rejected????
I say yes, which makes for three yes's and two no's = ACCEPTED.

Vote, Promote, Stay active and Post! <33yourmod - Shan.