youre just jealous cause were young and in love. (pleasure_geisha) wrote in urmomluvsthe80s,
youre just jealous cause were young and in love.

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x Name: bianca
x Age: 16....almost 17
x Location: miami
x 3 favorite bands of the 80s: berlin, guns n' roses, go-gos
x 3 favorite T.V shows of the 80s: the golden girls, rainbow brite, three's company
x 3 favorite toys of the 80s: rubix cube, cabbage patch kids, easy bake oven.
x 3 favorite movies of the 80s: weird science, breakfast club, fast times at ridgemont high
x Who is your ultimate 80s idle?: terri nunn <3
x Whats your favorite 80s song: like flames- berlin
x Interests/hobbies: lacrosse, swimming, water polo
x How would you describe yourself? unique and confident
x What is your best quality? my sense of humor
(Now its time to post your pictures)
lol ok i know i look like a fish here..haha but it was a funnny night..
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